Galvo Power settings are changing across Y. Is this a setting or an issue?

30w JPT MOPA 175mm lense

Image uploaded showing the front parts with proper power but as it moves towards the back, the power increases and it engraves deeper into the aluminum. Yellow is white engraving and blue is darker/ deeper engraving. From front to back of the parts is 160mm.and 150mm left to right. I’ve reached out to the manufacturer and they had me run some tests in EZCAD2 and it looks like it’s acting normal there. I’ve checked that the parts are flat within .25mm across.

I’m am only hoping for a solution not saying there are issues with the software.

Check that your bed is planar to your lens. This looks to me like the bed is out of plane front to back and the focus is changing.

Blaming LB is just an easy out for your supplier.

Thanks for the input. LB is delaying the full laser power for the first few seconds of a engrave and I haven’t been able to determine why. EZCAD is not doing this. As a result, I’m getting a faded look. If I go back and run from the opposite direction, it repeats that.

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