Galvo Rotary Framing - Any way to show tool line automatically between engravings?

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I’m running multiple tumblers on a rotary with lightburn galvo. Each of these tumblers has to be alligned to a mark since they have handles. Is there a way to automatically show the framing line after a job completes? Or is there a hotkey for the “Show” button in the rotary marking window? Or does anyone have any other tips for running large multiple tumbler jobs on a galvo rotary?


There is an option in the setup gui that does a return to starting point.

There is also a go to zero before you run the job…


Thanks jkwilborn, I am aware of the return to start point options. However, that doesn’t help me line up the next tumbler very accurately.

I found a solution, as long as I have clicked on the “show” button once it stays highlighted and can be retriggered with the spacebar. So I’ve just set a keybind for space on my controller.

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I’ll try this myself… I usually wrap the object with tape and run a light etch on it to see what’s happening…


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