Galvo Rotary Multiple Passes

I’m engraving tumblers on a rotary but need to perform multiple passes. Problem is it doesn’t line up good enough on the second pass. Does LightBurn have the capability to run all my layers in each split? I.e. run first pass and clean up pass for first split, rotate to second split run first pass and cleanup pass, rotate to next split and keep doing that until the job is done?

Hello, @LREDad

You didn’t say what kind of rotary, but to answer your question, yes, you can run multiple layers on the rotary, and you can also run multiple passes ea layer.

I use a chuck type with a fiber galvo laser, and run lots of passes to deep engrave steel
I can change the split and/ or line interval and image still lines up. So I guess I’m saying your workpiece must be slipping.
Slow down acceleration
Make sure workpiece is secure
Here how it runs for me:
Multiple passes: If I have the pass count set for say 10 in the layer parameters, it runs 10 passes ea slice before moving to the next slice.
Second layer, if I change the slice and line increment, it overlaps the “Joints” of the last set of slices, helps to clean them up.
The “Repeat” on the live framing window doesn’t work for me, but I think if I disabled the “always frame” or something along those lines might be able to get that going also. Maybe send in a support request.

(Sorry, can’t spel for $hit. )

I also have this same question. I have a 30w JPT Fiber Laser and am using a Rotary to do some tumblers. I’d like to set 2 layers. Layer 1, a lower speed higher power to remove the coating and Layer 2, a higher speed with lower power for clean up. My issue is that no matter what I set, lightburn only runs 1 pass/layer. I have 1 pass on layer one and 1 pass on layer two, but when I start only 1 pass is ran and then the machine stops. I would expect layer 1 to run, the rotary then would return to the starting point to start layer 2? Am I missing something with a setting?

@LREDad did you figure this issue out? I’ve received conflicting info when I ask around in the various facebook groups I’ve joined. I’ve heard both, it can and can’t be done. I just doesn’t see to make sense to have to stand at the machine and manually turn off 1 layer, turn on the next layer, and then start the machine. Seems like it should run through them automatically.

So if you are duplicating the same object on multiple passes, just different parameters, use sub-layers. LB will run multiple sub-layers on the rotary. LB will generate all slices and show in slice count before it starts. I did this on a barrel, engrave pass set to 10 repetitions, and then a cleanup pass set to 5 passes. Re-ran several times to achieve proper depth.
The rotary performed as such: Moved to first slice, made 10 passes, moved to second slice, ditto. When complete rotary moved to first slice of second sub-layer and ran the 5 passes. Moved to second slice, ditto.
As an experiment I duplicated the 2 sub-layers and arranged, ran sub 1, sub 2, duplicate of sub 1, duplicate of sub 2. Worked fine, but generated twice as many slices.
So here is the catch. A bug? I noticed if I wanted to turn the output off on the first sub-layer and start with the second, LB will run the second sub-layer and then stop, not going in to 3 and 4.

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