Galvo Scaling Spontaneously Changing

I have a JPT Lark0355-5A laser with a Sino-Galvo RC1001 and an EZCAD2 controller and Lightburn 1.4.01. I had not used Laser for a while. On first test mark the image was noticeable narrow. No lens change (it is tight) or other mechanical change I can think of. Made a bunch of test marks and adjusted the parameters to get back to a straight sided square. The only value that had changed (more than a tweak) was the Galvo 2 scaling; from 89.87% (old value) to 78.49% (new value). I made about 10 marks and then powered down controller, galvo and laser. Came back 30 minutes later, power on and the Galvo 2 scaling was off again. I did not go through a complete recal, but setting back to the “old” Galvo 2 scaling seems to be about right. Power cycled and back to needing the new value. Any ideas appreciated.

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