Galvo version and no option to generate Barcodes?

I am using the LB Galvo version for testing.
Quite nice, I think I’ll use it instead of EZCAD, it’s much better.
But there is one thing I miss a lot…I can’t create DataMatrix codes in LB, I think this is a must have for galvos.
Will there be an update in the future so that you can create various barcodes in LB?



Yeah found this is a PITA… May stick to EZCAD for Data Matrix and Barcode. Not sure if they gonna add this feature in the next release or what.

LightBurn currently provides the ability to generate QR Codes, and there are plans to extend to include additional data coding. No timeframe for these additions is available at this time.

You can add your support for this work by visiting our feature request site and vote it up.

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Thanks for the information, QR-codes may be nice somentimes (especially in private usecases), but for companys and professional work, the 128-Codes and Datamatrix are much more used than QR-codes.
I hope it will be added soon, I voted it up at the feature request site.


Adding data matrix is a must for me too.
I have job to etch some ECC 200 data matrix on some part right now.

I could not find any feature requests for DataMatrix codes specifically, however I did see one for more barcode types in general. Here’s a link to my feature request: DataMatrix Support · LightBurn

Make sure you vote of this using the link provided, if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:

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Soon-ish has become 1.7

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