Gamma value in Adjust Image tool not persistent if >1

In case I open the Image Adjust tool and set gamma to >1 values, when I open the tool again for the same image, gamma is set to 3.

The problem does not occur if the gamma values are <1. E.g if I set it to 0.9, close, reopen the tool, it remembers the 0.9 value along with all other settings.

LB version 0.9.23
Windows 10 Pro 20H2

One more relevant finding.

I noticed that the Enhance Radius value is also not persistent. With every Alt-I this value drops by 1 !

Thank you for reporting this. I can confirm this behavior (macOS, 9.24 beta) and will report to the Dev Team for review. :slight_smile:

These are both fixed for the next drop.


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