Gantry not square

Does Lightburn have a means to square an out of square gantry in software? I am rather new to the software. My laser engraver is a DIY consisting of 2020 and 2040 extrusions. The frame is dead on square but I cannot get the gantry square by mechanical means. The error is about 3-4mm over 400 mm. Thanks!

You can select and manually skew a design, but aside from that, no.


Thanks for the response. I can see how that would work…but I was hoping Lightburn had a one and done solution. Helpful though and I do appreciate it.

I’ll add my .02 It’s called a skew test. it’s a fairly easy test, but the solution is purely physical. It can be a PITA to take care of, but it’s a one and done kind of thing.

Set up the largest square / rectangle you can do in your machine, and put a dashed line down the middle. I used old wrapping paper. Cut it and then fold it on the dashed line. If the corners come out even, congratulations, your X is perpendicular to your Y. If they don’t, the mis-match is how far out of square you are. You adjust one end of your Y axis drive by that amount, and you are now square.

I was lucky, my skew was 2.8mm. My belt teeth were 2.5mm spacing. I loosened one end and hopped it one tooth. .3mm is less than my kerf, so I’m good.

Thanks. Hopping the belt is what I have been doing…I just can’t seem to get it right. I will try the wrapping paper thingy…that should be easier than the 3-4-5 hypotenuse thing I have been doing. I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

Everybody has a slightly different way of doing things. Russ has a good video on getting your gantry square. My notes say it’s #89