Gap between lines in Lightburn and lines cuted by laser

Hello, i design on lighburn and cut with xtool d1, my lines get cut with huges gap.
It is not an issue with the tension of the belt or with the limits of the cutting area. The cuting information sent to the machine is just not the one designed on lightburn. Anyone has ever experienced that?

I am a super nooob but the only time I saw this is when I manually moved the laser head and I did not home it before cutting. If that makes sense…seriously SUPER NOOB here. Only other thing I could think of is like when 3d printing, the cable or something got hung up and caused it to shift.

Maybe @KnightRid is correct… looks like the head has reached it’s limit to the left…

That does not explain the other anomalies…

Does you machine home?

Can you engrave some squares to examine?


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