Gaps when cutting using diode laser

I’m just getting started with lightburn and a cheap diode laser. There are gaps in the start / end position. I assume the software is set up for a beam that does not shut off immediately and it’s turning off the diode too soon. I’ve been playing with END PAUSE TIME and OVERCUT… I can make the gap a little better but can’t seem to eliminate it completely all the time. Even 2 passes seems to leave the gap.

Is there a way to eliminate this?

That looks like your focus is off, and possibly your acceleration is really low. If you’re using GRBL (not GRBL-M3) the output power is varied with the speed of the laser head, so it’s off when it is stopped. As the power ramps up & down at the start / end of a cut, if your focus is off or the laser slows down a great deal, it can drop the power enough to keep it from cutting through.

You’re also cutting white paper, which reflects most of the energy from a visible light diode laser, which is working against you as well.

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So that’s what the black marker was for!
Yes, it works great after I color the paper black. Not planning on cutting white paper, I was just testing this.

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