GCC Lasers and Lightburn

I just wondered has anyone successfully used Lightburn with the GCC Lasers specifically x252, x380 or the Mercury Machines. Looks like to me that I can design and then use the GCC Printer Driver to send to the Laser.
In Corel I can set lines to hairline to vector or with a line thickness of above 0.2 I can raster. Gonna try tomorrow on a customer site but if anyone has cracked it would really appreciate the help.

LightBurn does not currently support direct communication with machines such as Epilog, ULS, or GCC as these each have very proprietary control systems.

However, if your machine has a “print driver”, meaning that the way that you use it now is by “printing” to it from a program on your computer, you’re indeed in luck!

Please see here for more details: Printing from LightBurn to Epilog, ULS, GCC, and other machines with a print driver

Yeah they all come with a unique driver effectively letting me print like you would to any inkjet etc.Effectively I can print from various packages Autocad Solid Works Excel Word and so on. I would prefer to use Lightburn instead of Corel as its more dedicated to a laser. I install quite a lot of Lasers and it would be great if I could switch. I,ll post the results over the weekend Thanks Colin

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