GCode for Smoothstepper and Mach4Hobby

Will Lightburn generate Gcode that I can use with an ESS Smoothstepper and Mach4 Hobby ?

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I’m also curious about this, my new laser I’m building I’d love to use this setup like I do for my CNC routers.

Possibly, but it really depends on what Mach / Smoothstepper have in the way of laser control. Mach3 wasn’t capable of adjusting the spindle speed fast enough for laser use. I’m not sure about Mach4 / ESS.

Mach4 has good control of the laser power via its PWM commands. I really would like to see a sample gcode file from Lightburn that I can look at and then make a decision. A simple text file would be good maybe containing a couple of simple shapes. Can you help Rich ??

Download the trial of LightBurn, manually create a GRBL-M3 device with the size you need, origin in the front-left. Draw a couple simple shapes, then click ‘Save GCode’ in the Laser window and it will save gcode you can look at.

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