Gcode log in case of a power outage

Hey, I live in a place where there are frequent power outages, so I have to be prepared to deal with those in the case of the machine running. I am considering a more reliable power source, but at the moment this is what I have to work with!

I figured, if I could get a log of the gcode, I could simply find the last command that ran successfully and modify the gcode file to start from there.

I know that there is a “show all” command that prints it out to the console. I just had a power outage yesterday and I didn’t have it toggled. Is there any log elsewhere that I can access?

Any other ideas for solutions are welcome :slight_smile:

I would find myself a small UPS if there are frequent power outages, it does not have to be that big, just to get the current job completed.


If you have not moved your item in the laser you can use “print from here” in the preview window, works quite well for me.

Does a Ruida controller have this type of feature ??? when the power goes out…

I was not quite correct in your answer, it is called “start here” and it is a LightBurn internal function, independent of the laser controller.
That said, if you do not touch your unfinished item in the laser after losing power, just restart LightBurn with the same project, preview and start the laser where it left off.

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