Gcode undersized

I am trying to cut a 3mm circle using the rotary. Not sure what I am missing but the gcode produced is very much undersized. I have not kerf offset in place. It get the bounds correct but the travel moves never reach it.

; LightBurn 1.2.04
; GRBL device profile, current position
; Bounds: X-1.5 Y-1.5 to X1.5 Y1.5
G00 G17 G40 G21 G54
; Cut @ 100 mm/sec, 20% power
G0 X1.5A0
; Layer C00
G1 X-0.03A-0.773S200F592.7
G1 X-0.088A-0.72F1790.31
G1 X-0.138A-0.652F2856.55
G1 X-0.183A-0.568F3815.8
G1 X-0.222A-0.469F4626.12
G1 X-0.255A-0.353F5276.78
G1 X-0.282A-0.224F5730.06
G1 X-0.302A-0.078F5969.64
G1 X-0.302A0.078
G1 X-0.282A0.224F5730.06
G1 X-0.255A0.353F5276.78
G1 X-0.222A0.469F4626.12
G1 X-0.183A0.568F3815.8
G1 X-0.138A0.652F2856.55
G1 X-0.088A0.72F1790.31
G1 X-0.03A0.773F592.7
G1 X0.03A0.773
G1 X0.088A0.72F1790.31
G1 X0.138A0.652F2856.55
G1 X0.183A0.568F3815.8
G1 X0.222A0.469F4626.12
G1 X0.255A0.353F5276.78
G1 X0.282A0.224F5730.06
G1 X0.302A0.078F5969.64
G1 X0.302A-0.078
G1 X0.282A-0.224F5730.06
G1 X0.255A-0.353F5276.78
G1 X0.222A-0.469F4626.12
G1 X0.183A-0.568F3815.8
G1 X0.138A-0.652F2856.55
G1 X0.088A-0.72F1790.31
G1 X0.03A-0.773F592.7
G1 S0
; return to starting pos
G0 X-1.5A0

This issue is present also when cutting an octagon, or disabling the rotary. The gcode generated is undersized.