GCode upload to SD-Card

is it possible not only to send a job to the laser via USB and start it immediately, but also to load the gcode onto the SD card in order to start it later externally?

And with Alt+Shift+L i can upload the gcodefile to the SD-Card?

Alt+Shift+L is the Hot Key for ‘Save GCode’. This will open a Save As dialog where you provide a name to save as and point to where you want that file saved.

You can do with this file as you’d like, including saving directly to an SD Card if mounted. You can save to your local / networked drive, then copy to the SD Card later if you prefer.

“The SD card” - in what controller?

SKR V1.3 with Smoothieware

Smoothieware performance with the SD card isn’t very good. At the very least you will need to remove the SD card from the machine and connect it to your PC, as saving to the SD card through Smoothieware is often slower than actually running the job. Then you can plug the SD card back into the board, power back up, and run it using Smoothieware console commands.

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