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ist there a possibility, to set a general tool layer, that appears in every new project for to frame a specific working area?

There are the “new” tool layers, T1 and T2 I use for it, I save a template with my workspace made with T1 or T2 and start new projects with “Template-Frame” - works perfectly

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Love the new Tool Layers… Is there a way to be able to lock it in place then snap an object it? If I wanted to Place multiple items on say a ornament but want to change the items for each run or flip the ornament over and do a new item.
Also I see that we can Lock a shape in place but cannot do anything to it… I was using that before the NEW tool layers came into being… have to line things up by eye.

Shapes can be locked on any Layer and you can snap to any shape, locked or not.

Is this not happening for you? If so, please provide the detailed steps, so we can try to reproduce here.

That’s kind of the point of locking it - that you can’t do things to it when it’s locked. :slight_smile: However, you can snap other things to it, use the alignment tools to align things to it, and so on. Is that what you’re asking for?

HI Rick and Oz

I have a MAC and PC and Ive tried this on both of them. Theres a couple things happening.

I draw a square, Place it in position change the layer to T1. Click the radio button in the shape properties to lock it. Then I either create a new item or drag an item (in a different layer) over near the T1 box. Select them both to align (lets say center to center) and the T1 Box moves to the other item. and the radio button becomes unchecked. If I go up to the ARRANGE drop down and then select LOCK SELECTED SHAPES, the T1 box will remain locked , I then select both items to align center to center however I cannot do and thing with it using the alignment buttons. Ive tried this on the PC and MAC same results…Ive also tried this using other layers as guides and the same result. So I must be doing something wrong or its not working right.

The alignment tools always align to the last selected item. So select everything you want aligned first, then the tool layer item, then click the align tool.

Ok … i’ll try that… thank you

Edit: Yup I was doing it wrong… Thanks… works great now…

Keep up the great work

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