Generate borders for cutting around array objects

Hello all.

I am trying to create some game tokens and was able to use the array function to set up a nice layout for everything to engrave.

Now I need to add a cut layer around each object so they can be cut out.

Is there a way to generate these borders automatically around the objects?


If you take your original token and give it an offset of x mm distance, which you set on a separate (cut) layer, you should be able to achieve the desired result. The same result is also achieved if you just draw a shape around your design and center it.
With this result, a new array must be created with the number of items you want. It is most practical to group your designed token (engraving and cutting layers)
Feel free to come back if it doesn’t help you.

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I have had this very problem… The solution was actually very easy. First group all your outside vectors. then right click the group and select “duplicate vectors”. Add the duplicated vectors to a new cut layer. Then you can then engrave and cut after with no need for an offset.

Hi - so far I am just using png graphics. Reckon i need to RTFM for lightburn :wink:

There are lots of great videos for new users for Lightburn. Online LB documentation is also very good.

You can trace your png graphics then offset your trace to get your outline.
Trace Image:

Offset Shapes:

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