German Language Dither Mode

Hello Together!
I have a suggestion.
I’m still completely new to the laser world and I’m just learning to do it.
For me personally, however, it would be easier, for example, if the English names for the dither modes were in the German language of Lightburn because, for example, “Schwellle” or “Bestellt” says nothing;)

Below the ‘Dither Sample’ in the cut settings is a larger description of what the mode does, in addition to the dither sample itself, showing exactly what the mode does:


Yes i know this, but in German Interface…

What would be a better word?

I think here the english words a the best?

But this is my peronal opinion

Daniel is right: not all words should translate through google translater and have no direct german pendant.
p.s. odered should translate as “geordnet” and not “bestellt”

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and here for example a space is missing between “erstellen aus”

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