Get Position read stepper count value not distance

Hi guys,
I’m totally new to Lightburn and I could not really find a solution for my problem.

I have a Marlin 2.0 firmware on my controller and everything is working as expected but when I try to get the position of the laser head it seems that lightburn reads out the count values and not the units.

In Marlin documentation it is the command M114 to read actual position.

When I move in LB with following command i get this result:

X:100.00 Y:100.00 Z:10.00 Count X:8000 Y:8000 Z:5100

so far so good.
When I press on “get position” following is displayed:
Screenshot 2021-10-01 192639

So instead of getting X100 Y100 Z10 – Units in mm
I get the steps of the motors.

Is this a misconfiguration of Marlin or a flaw in LB?

I hope that anyone could help me with this issue.

Best regards

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I am having the same issue after updating marlin to, the get coordinates is way off and is the step count and not the distance value.

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I hope that maybe one of the developers of Lightburn reads this post to implement the correct reading from Marlin 2.x firmware for the get position.

I reached out to Oz directly for this one. He is traveling, but offered this back to me in an exchange.

Oz: They submitted that is a feature request on fider [suggestion site], and I have coded to fix and check that in, but not tested it yet.

And it is a problem with Marlin 2.0 sort of. They report back positions , then have the word count, followed by stepper motor counts, but the stepper counts are shown with X, Y and Z prefixes, so it confuses the code that parses out the positions. That’s the bit I fixed.


I hope LB is really working on a fix for this because it is preventing me from being able to do Print and Cut and I cant seem to find a solution thus far.

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