Get position shows "X=-397, Y=-397" not 0-0

As the picture shows, my laser is at its home location 0,0 with “Absolute Coords” set as the default, but the “Get Position” is reading “X= -397, Y= -397”. its a Ortur LM2 Pro 20w

tried reading about why it would do this, something about “$10=_”. read that it should be 0, mine as it sits is 255. when i first noticed it 2047. tried a bunch of different numbers, I typed $10=0 in the command line field, didn’t solve the problem. this all while leaving “Absolute Coords” as the default.

not sure how to fix it. if i hit go to origin or click go to saved location, it shoots up to x400-y400 as shown in the picture.

how to reset the position, any ideas?

I had exactly the same issue (after trying to set up the rotary axis). @OrturTech advised me to type $RST=* into the console which fixed the issue for me.

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Sweet thanks, exactly what I did. I’ll give a try.

worked perfect, thanks again

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Great, glad to hear it worked for you too. Thanks for letting us know.

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