Getting an awful Angle Kerf using A40640 module

Hi there! First time posting.

I’m using a Neje Module A40640 and I’m getting this awful angle kerf on all my cuts.

I install an air assist as described here Correct use of NEJE A40640 module cutting function. - YouTube

here are some images:


The material is MDF 3mm, cut at 75% 350mm/min, 3 passes

The obvious answered is that I’m out of focus, but I’ve check the focus with ramp test an is always the same result, 5mm.

Or is it that I will always get this result no matter what? is a giving with a diode laser? is the hour glass shape of the laser to narrow? Is the power to high?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

here is the photo:

The laser beam is not perpendicular to the material.

Might want to check the mechanical part of the air assist and see if you have something in there that is cause the laser to tilt.


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