Getting bad results when engraving cursive

I am very new to laser engraving and cutting. I was working on a piece and notices that the text in a project didn’t come out as intended. I am using a Longer Ray5 10W machine. Speed was 2553 Power was 80%. Material was the cheap basswood that comes with the machine. Was I going too fast? Thanks in advance!

It looks like your laser may not be properly focused to your material – consult the documentation that came with your laser, or its manufacturer’s website, and check to make sure you are properly focusing it.

Without knowing the units of measurement you are working in, we can’t say if 2553 is too fast. If that’s millimeters per minute, it is probably not too fast. If that’s mm per second, it definitely is.

After checking on the focus, a good practice to dial in optimal settings is to run a Material Test for any new material you’re working with:

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Appreciate it. I ultimately had to mess the DPI settings and I think that fixed it.