Getting downloads in to Lightburn

I purchased a couple of image packages from Design Bundle and downloaded them to my laptop, but I’m having trouble getting them in to Lightburn. I’m certain that it is user error being that I’m not very tech savvy. Any help wold be appreciated. TIA

Can we get a little bit of more info from you. What file type(extension) are these design bundle in? Example .ai, .eps, .dxf and so on. Are they vector files or images?
Anything you can share will get us to help you a bit more and hopefully help figure things out.

With that said, most of the time, you go to File-Open- search for the file you want to open in lightburn and it should bring it in.

Probably need to import them and not open, hope it’s just that.

Thanks so very much.

Thanks so much

I got it solved. Thank you.

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This issue has been solved. Thanks so very much.

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