Getting Lightburn to recognize Vevor 3018 Laser GRBL

Currently using VigoEngraver L7 software which uses the CH341Ser driver to connect to controller. This functions ok but I would like to progress to Lightburn which I am currently trialing but cannot connect to. Com 5 is the port currently being used. Any solutions out there please?

Looks like you’d have to flash the controler to GRBL.

Willie, Thanks, for that, I will continue experimenting.

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Could it be on a different com port?

Not a windows person, so just asking.


Thanks all for responding. My problem was solved by LuA_Knives To get non VigoWorks software (eg. Lightburn) to work, the controller must be flashed with
the basic standard grbl firmware (not the latest) named: ‘Standard_Grbl_1.1f.hex’. Or if you have the appropriative firmware just for the control software, upload it ! This information can be found in a text file that comes with VigoWorks software and is named “ReadMe Important text”. It also states that once this firmware is installed, VigoWorks will not function and has to be reflashed to the latest firmware version. BUT the good news is that Lightburn will work.

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