Getting lines in my etching

Hi all,
I’m engraving pictures on acrylic. have been doing it for some without issues. Today, I’m seeing a line of light etching about 1 inch wide across my etchings. its not on the same place on all pictures as well.
Cant be any issue with the laser as it cuts perfectly.
any ideas?

Hey Rob,

Can you share some results to see what you are talking about?
Could it be a compressor that turns on or off in that 1 inch?

Kind regards,

Hi Bjorn,

thanks for the reply.
I’ve attached a pic. the line in the D is not meant to be there.
I’m etching at 175mm/s and 11 power on a 80 W laser. maybe the power is too low for the laser to fire?

Hey Rob,

Is it every time in the same spot?

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