Getting lines to engrave instead of cut

i bought a file off etsy and it has an absolute ton of lines in it and light burn wont recognize those as fill parts and says x number are lines and will be skipped. how do i make those lines engraveable as its making the piece very brittle. running 2019 corel draw

The most manual method will be to ungroup your collection. Select one closed shape (from your perspective) and attempt to use the close selected path with tolerance option. If that doesn’t work, use the node tool and grab a node, move it away, then move it back. It should snap to the connecting node and turn the entire “string” active, showing the crawling ants marquee. Move onward until you reach your starting point. Ensure that you move the end point over the start point to close the loop completely.

I’ve had downloads which required every individual trace to be adjusted in this manner.

Without seeing the file it is hard to say, but you might want to try ungroup and use the ‘Auto-Join’ (ALT-J).

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