Getting my laser to work

Yes I’m a nub … just put together my new ORTUR 2 … just loaded the trial… it sees my machine, but I can not get it to even move… and yes it’s turned on… I’m running Windows 10…

And… All cables connected in the right position?

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Can you please take a screen grab of your console tab? You are likely just missing a driver that turns a port into a COM port.

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I can do that when I get home from work. Thank you so much

Yes I have checked and rechecked it several times…

Thanks for getting back to me LaserWillie! I got home and got it to fire up… turns out that the measurement they gave me for the limit switch near the front of the machine was wrong… on the picture they sent it says 20 cm from the front rail to the switch… that’s wrong… … I moved it a bit (to 3/4}) and the machine came alive… going to try my first burn today… again thanks!

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