Ghost engaved Letters

I have a Ruida wood engraving laser.

When I was engraving a logo, the letters appeared ghostly, not engraved properly. You can see it clearly on the letter “N,” which looks like it has a border.

What could be the reason?

This is likely caused by a scanning offset. First do a mechanical check to eliminate any mechanical backlash in the system, specifically on the X-axis.

If that doesn’t resolve it then use the “Scanning offset adjustment” in Edit->Device Settings to eliminate this.

Scanning Offset Adjustment - LightBurn Documentation (


+1 to Bernainlb…


Thank you. I have managed to align the line on the left. However, it seems like the odd lines are a little bit longer, which is still creating a ghost effect where they end.

Any suggestions how to it? I was unable to find this in the forum.


This is rarelly the case on Co2’s but can’t hurt testing

Double click the layer, disable Bi-Directional engraving
Temporarily disable the offsets on Edit- Device settings

Do the ghosting get better or worse?
If better, you have - ALSO - some mechanical issues to contend with, maybe a loose belt or similar.

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