Ghost rings/lines at slower speeds higher power

Okay, I’m on my 3rd Chinese laser, a 100w red & black with a Ruida controller that got delivered to weeks ago. The laser scans fine, no issues there - pictures come out great

My problem is cutting. I can make perfect circles and squares until I raise the power to cut to say, 50%. when the speed is 20 or below - ghost rings. the table is level, mirrors appear to be aligned correctly ( I changed the original lens because of a spot no difference) The head is level. No clue. Only happens on higher power and at lower speeds.

Any ideas?


Hi Ed, in my experience, lens (dust or damaged lens) or the 3rd mirror missaligned (the beam not go over the center of nozzle)
Put a piece of mask tape in the nozzle and press “pulse”, press over the border of the nozzle before take off the tape. Then take off the tape and check if the hole in the tape is in the middle of the nozzle hole, if not, need to realign the 3rd mirror

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I will do that now - THANKS!

Annnnnnnd Thank you! Fixed. Love the software AND the group help!

Good News !
Was dust in the dust or the 3rd mirror missaligned ?

Off a hair to the right…

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