Ghosting/double engraving HELP

I’ve had my 80w chinese laser engraver for a year now, i’ve had very few issues once i had it set up! However today out of no where I start having this ghosting/double image problem. The belt seems fine, I cleaned the mirrors and lenses. When I turn off bi directional scan it seems to clean it up but now things are taking longer to finish. Orders are waiting so its a bad time to have this problem.Open to suggestions. Thanks!!!

Got a photo of what’s happening?
I seem to recall one or more persons here having a “double image” problem where the 3rd mirror was out of alignment and the beam was bouncing off the inside of the nozzle and causing a problem.
Could that be it?

Here you go!

If turning off bidirectional scan fixes it, have a look here:

Check mechanical things first, like belt tension, pinion set-screws, and couplers, but if you’ve done all that and the motion system is snug, follow the above.

That’s good insight there! Thanks I’ll give that a try when I get back. Any idea if that’s the problem what could have induced that? It was working just fine yesterday?

If it was that different from one day to the next, I’d check set screws on pinions or belt-holds. One might’ve vibrated loose over time and you just happened to hit the threshold today where it slipped.

just an update, i’ve gotten a short term fix by unchecking bi directional AND moving the workpiece from the center of the bed to the left side of the bed, I also have a larger 1300 bed so its 18’’-24’’ of movement from center to left.

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