Glad to be back home

I have been gone for awhile and glad to be home. Kids & grands calling, mama had to run and see them, you how that goes. I also enjoyed the visit. I got tired of only being able to run two of my lasers at a time so I decided that each machine needed it’s own computer. (Some of you remember about 3 or 4 months ago my wife won a bunch of money at the casino, she said she would buy me a laser, I told her I needed “a” PC instead. (you should have seen her face when I told her I bought 4 PCs So i did a bunch of research and then a lot of searching and then more searching and came up with the “Raspberry PI-4B”, fell in love and spent to much money, but it was fun. GO to and check out their SBC’s. I ended up finding a really good deal on ebay for a RB-4B and all the goodies that go with it. I found the post about 10 minutes after the seller posted and I hit the buy now button. I talked with him, (messaged him) about me needing 3 more. He said he would let me know as he posted them. I bought 3 more within minutes of his postings. (That might have been an unfair deal to other buyers, oh well, I needed them and I got them, what can I say?) Then I went to, under PI cases I found a really cool wooden case called the Bell-AIRE AC ! So I got two of them and then I went to Etsy and found a wooden train w/ coal car and the coal car is just big enough for the PI-4B to fit down in. I also found a steam punk table lamp, (again cool looking) so I spent more money. The lamp is about 14" tall with the base 6" square. Guess where another PI board is going, inside the base of the lamp !! And the lamp will sit right next to one of the lasers and will reach out over to the center of the work area. Right now I am operating on the first of the PI boards that I got up and running and I’m running the Raspberry PI OS. This little thing is wicked fast for what it is !!! So for now, Hello to everyone and I’ll try to plug my dumb phone into this PI to transfer pics and post for you.
BYE Randy
P.S. - My wife cooled down about the computers and goodies after I told her I saved her over 200 bucks by not getting the laser. That’s the only thing that kept me out of hot water!

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