Glass Engraving magic fix?

To be fair I use black acrylic paint inside and out for glass engraving. Washes off with warm soapy water and negates use of wire wool😀

I’m just getting started trying to do glass, but I’ve had very good results by cutting a stencil with my Atezr P20+ on Contact Paper (plain black) and using a sand blaster to do the etching.


I’ve had good results engraving on glass, with a CO2 laser, by smearing neat washing up liquid (dish soap to you USA folks) on the top surface before lasering, then it just washes off afterwards. The washing up liquid serves to catch the tiny shards of glass that are ablated from the surface and hold onto them, until you wash it away.


Maybe you can explain to me what value using dish soap would be except to lower the machines resolution?

There should be no need with glass and co2 to use some type of indirect method.

Let me explain about the shards… A glass artisan explained to me it’s not shards left on the material. When a piece breaks off from heat expansion, the stress covers an area larger than the broken piece, allowing some pieces to crack but not dislodge or become detached.

Using mechanical abrasive, like steel wool, allows the fractured pieces that haven’t become loose to be removed. It isn’t like you can wash it off, it takes mechanical forces to remove these pieces. Much like a few years of handling, could eventually cause the piece to detach.

I think the minute it takes to do this is easy and beneficial to people handling my glassware…


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Wow. They would have to put me too sleep.

I use a soft brass brush. Works wonders.