Glass Etching Settings - Epilog vs. LightBurn + Boss/Ruida

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Former Makerspace Epilog and now-owner of a Boss/Ruida LS-1420 65W running Lightburn, primarily making etched wine/pint glasses. I’ve had some rough starts it seems translating my existing images over into LightBurn, but I seem to have found my stride for most things, thanks to some kind strangers on here. I still have a few questions:

1.) I am trying to really dial in on high quality, detailed vectors on glassware. I’m not talking about etching photos, but just vectors, but I need clean, crisp edges. What I fond on occasion - and it seems to be largely random - is some chipping, despite using the same quality of glasses that I always have. Something like this:


I can’t tell if I am overpenetrating, or underpenetrating. I also am just now playing with turning OFF bi-directional filling, to see if I can get a more consistent look. I also just learned about Min-power, and have dialed it down to just above the point where it etches, but I’m not sure if this will do anything on an engrave. Are there any more settings/techniques to explore?

2.) Similar to this, when I was using an Epilog for glass engraving of vector images, I would choose a raster setting, such as Stucki, Jarvis, etc. I was able to tell the difference, and honed in on the one that I liked the best. In LightBurn, I see that rastering is available for images, but explicitly NOT for fills. For fills, it seems the only option is “lines”. I’m trying to better understand this, and perhaps see if this is related to my issue. Is there a fundamental difference in the laser tube type, an intentional method of Lightburn, or something else? I also have PhotoGrav, which I suppose could be a prep step before getting into Lightburn, but then I would be stringing three image programs together for designs that are…let’s face it, not really that detailed.

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One more thing I’m trying to discern from what I’m used to:

3.) I was taught this, and have used it myself before, but don’t understand it. The suggestion for glass engraving via Epilog is to set things to 70% black (as opposed to default100%). The thought is lower heat, I believe. If running from CorelDraw, wouldn’t this simply just be a drop in power? Is there any comparable maneuver here beyond just dialing down the power % in the Cut Settings? I thought I saw @LightBurn mention 70% black in a previous post, but from what I can tell, aren’t the colors for layers just a way to discern them from each other?

RF excited lasers (like Epilog) fire individual dots, not continually, and that’s at least part of the difference. Glass tube CO2 lasers use a continuous beam, not a pulsed one, so the results can be a little different.

Glass is tricky in general, because you’re creating heat fractures in it when lasering, which is why it chips after engraving. There are things I’ve seen online, like using a thin coating of dish soap, or a wet paper towel, to help reduce chipping.

The different dithering modes are only available for images, but the next release of LightBurn has an option to convert a vector shape into an image, which would then allow you to take that result and dither it, which will give you something closer to the result you’re used to.

Here is a video of what @LightBurn is referencing to help with the quality output.

Hope it helps you @wcsamms



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Excellent video. I want a Roto Boss now as well!

Oooo…maybe this is a forbidden question, but any estimate as to when the next release would be coming out? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help - I thought I had sussed out the critical differences between my old and new platform, but apparently I hadn’t…


I think we’re down to days at this point, assuming nothing too critical comes out of testing.

Thanks for posting this. I like* the idea of a soap coating, but am concerned that there will be spatter up on my lens (from the air assist), or that it will muck up the tension between my wheels/clip. I’ve heard this suggestion before, but have always worried about the logistics. 'Spose there’s only one way to find out

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