Glass photo engraving, tearing my hair out

Machine 80W/ruida.
Never had any trouble with flat engraving(glass/logos/text), but today someone asked about photo on flat glass. Photo provided is fairly low quality, about 1.5mp, taken with stone age camera/phone. Very low contrast/no edges.
Never really got into photo engraving, nor am i any good at raster image editing, looked at some tutorials, ran out a sample, which was complete and utter fail and waste of a piece of glass.

Photo in question

I have Corel19/gimp/LB to work with, but need help and advice to make this happen if at all possible. Could someone, please, hold my hand on this ? Or at least give me some advice regarding this specific photo ?

Thank you very much.

P.S. Photo scale is 240x135mm and at that size 169dpi (corel draw reports it as such).

Try image-R for preprocessing.

Etching on glass needs the image to be inverted and a negative image.

Like this:

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Inverting is obvious for glass, iā€™m more interested in whole lowres photo processing for usable result.

Sounds like you know all about it. good luck.