Glazing Tile Post Laser

This one came out so neat… The base was a 3x6 white tile, lasered as normal with TiO2, then glazed again with a transparent kiwi. Cheap light bleached it, but had to share.

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Nice work!

Can you detail the process of how you applied the glaze to only the areas you wanted?

The entire tile was reglazed.


So the color differences are from the different glaze absorption and reactions, etc. with the TiO2 blackened areas.

I’ve tried diode laser burning of various ceramic glazes onto glass and tile, but alas it just doesn’t work.
I’ll have to try your method (I have a kiln) and see what I can do to get colors other than the TiO2 black.

Good to see the experimentation!

Some glazes do take the laser well! I made a post with a couple examples. I did note you have to go quite slow though.

The frog is my favorite. :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing with some deep etching on tile to get little “reservoirs” which will accept paint or glaze.

The paint/glaze can be applied and any spill out easily scraped away with a razor blade.

This is a clock face project with paint fill.

Laser is a 10W diode, two passes at 80%, 8mm/s.

Looking fancy! :slight_smile: I’ve done a few clocks as well. One of my favorites was CNCing out solid surface, then laser engraving onto it.

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