Lasering Tile; Not Just For White

Figured I could give other some ideas to play with when they realize you can laser tile of other colours with and without titanium dioxide. :slight_smile:

Latest is a 2x8.5 with a satin blush glaze. Sorry it appears washed out. :frowning:

This was using the titanium dioxide method. XTool D1 Pro 10W 0.1 interval, 3000mm/min, 80% power.

“Failed” Emerald glaze on 4x4 (the glaze is supposed to be just green, but overheating causes the blue speckles).

Direct on the glaze; Snapmaker A350 with 10W 0.15 interval, 1000mm/min 100% power.

Just something fancy I threw together. :person_shrugging: on a violet glaze.

Same as above frog.

Finally 2x8 concave with beluga crackle glaze.

Same as rose. I focused it at the bottom of the curve, so it defocuses closer to the edge and fades. Gives it a nice aged look with the crackle glaze. :slight_smile:

Just some of the experimentation I’ve been doing, the TiO2 method works really well with unglazed tile as well! Do a laser project, then glaze it with a semi-transparent later. (this is still on my to-try).


Thanks for posting…

I actually like the results of the failed engraving. I think the sparkles add to it, making it better… Probably not too controllable, but maybe that’s what I like about it…


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The engraving itself isn’t a fail, it’s one of my faves. :upside_down_face: It was the glaze that “failed” and thus made it scrap, so I claimed it. It’s not supposed to have the blue spots in the green, which I personally like.

I have been messing around with tiles latley (thank for help off another thread) and i came up with this on the 2nd attempt.

Dlc 32bit board.
Lasertree 40w.
20% power
Interval 0.100

While paint used is:
Rust-Oleum AE0050002E8 400ml Painters’ Touch Spray Paint - Satin White

I really like the way the reflections in the water turned out.


Looks really good. :slight_smile:

Ooo a dark taupe takes the laser very well. 2x8.5 tile, dark taupe glaze, direct laser, nothing added. 1000mm/m @ 100% power (can likely be done a lot faster/less power) on XTool D1 Pro 10W.