Glitches with version 1.6. MACOS

Has anyone been having any issues with Lightburn on MAC oS with Version 1.6?
I have been having recurring issues with bridge not being found, program freezing up ( spinning wheel of death), unable to find laser, having to go back through “Camera Wizard” etc.

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I have not been having any issues, but I don’t use the bridge. I’m connected directly to a network switch.

To be clear, are you referring to v1.6.00, the latest version? Or possibly 1.0.06?

1.6 Thanks

Hi Chris,

Could you tell us a bit more about your environment.

What MacOs version exactly?

Also maybe you could report too via

Ventura 13.6.6 (22G630). My biggest issue is my Bridge not being recognized by Lightburn. I have reflashed, attempted to use a 1.5 version of Lightburn etc…yet, all indicator lights are study

Favor please Chris,

Open a terminal while bridge is connected

ioreg -p IOUSB
Press enter and send output , maybe a picture?

Let’s step back a moment.

With your phone, can you scan for local wifi networks, and confirm if you can see the wifi network that the Bridge creates?

This point of trouble shoot might be also very pertinent @Chrislluke

Can’t see the network the bridgeshould create.

Actually just before leaving the studio did a hard (unplug for 5’) reset of the bridge. The only change, the green light where the ethernet cable goes into the bridge is no longer illuminated, simply the yellow one.

Check the ethernet cable is properly attached between the bridge and the machine.

At the display/control panel on machine to you see a ‘Lan: ON’ showing (bottom right corner)


That will confirm if you have a physical connection to the bridge.

Try browsing to http://lightburnbridge.local/

What do you see?

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Lan is on

Good…and if you browse to http://lightburnbridge.local/ ?