Go To Origin not working anymore

I’m using LightBurn with a 50W Orion Motor Tech / Ruida 644 XG controller. The job origin seems to be stuck on a constant setting. It was at some random place, I was able to somewhat decipher the manual and at least set it to 0, 0, 0. However I can no longer use the ‘Go to origin’ button and have the laser go to or start from that position.
I’ve read the articles and links on the blog … unfortunately hasn’t helped. I did notice that on the help files the ‘Move’ screen includes buttons for ‘Set Origin’ / ‘Clear Origin’ / ‘Set Finish Position’ … my Move tab doesn’t have these buttons.

Set / Clear / Finish buttons are not enabled for Ruida controllers because the controller itself doesn’t support those functions.

The way you set the user origin is you use the laser control panel arrows to jog somewhere, then press ‘Origin’ on the panel. Once you’ve done that, the ‘Go to Origin’ button in LightBurn should work as well. Does it not?

There is a controller panel setting called ‘Multi-Origin enable’ that I’ve seen cause issues before. Check to make sure that isn’t enabled in the controller either.

Yes, I believe this works - it does make the process somewhat ‘static’ in the sense that I always have to reposition the origin on the laser. I used to be able to move my work in the software, the origin of course would move with it and when clicking the ‘go to origin’ button the laser would travel there without me having to do anything on the laser itself.

LightBurn has never been able to set the origin location on a Ruida controller. Were you using a different controller? You can also just use “Current Position” mode, in which case there is no set origin, it’s just where the laser head is when you hit ‘Start’, and you can place that anywhere you like using the various jog buttons in LightBurn.

Sorry for the delayed response - it’s quite possible I mis-understood the functionality, after all at that time I’ve had that laser for all of 2 weeks.
LightBurn and our new laser have absolutely made our peak season - thanks for this awesome product!

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