"Go to Origin" to also move Z axis down to a predetermined height

I’m using my Shapeoko 3 Standard with a diode laser I’ve hooked up to it, each time I boot LightBurn I home the printer, then move to my Origin

But then I have to manually jog the Z 94mm down each time, I was wondering if there was a way I could either add this to the Origin, or if there was a way I can set up one of the macros to either “Move Z down 94mm” or to have my own Origin macro that moves the laser to the Origin but also bring the Z down 94mm

Thank you!

The console tab has 6 (or 8, I don’t remember which) macros that you can define and you can name each macro to a meaningful value. I have one macro button named Home All and it homes not only X&Y, but Z as well. It could then issue a series of commands to reposition Z and set the new position to 0. G-Code, it’s a wonderful thing. Know it, love it.

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