Gold and Black Glock Slide Laser + Cerakote


That is gorgeous, what is the process?


I’d tell you but then…You know… :slight_smile:

Ask lots of questions here and LMA
Pick the most complicated vectors imaginable.
Dial in layout.
Typical Cerakote 2 color (with out the stencils), prep, spray gold, flash cure, spray black, full cure.
Do a test block same time.
Practice on test block.
Stress out for a day or so.
Use parameters from test block to burn slide.
Have a cold one.
Show off photos!

Test block:

3 color experiments:


That’s great especially 'Stress out for a day or so.", I read you there.

My wife is tolerant of me destroying a mug or two, I don’t know how she’d react to a ‘few’ slides … :face_with_spiral_eyes:

My buddy has is service glock engraved with his retirement date.

Looks great, thanks for the outline of the process.

Take care and post others…


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1911 slide castings are 15-20 bucks on Sarco, need to block or smooth a little bit but good for practice. Can’t find Glock practice slides.


What make of laser? Diode or Co2

60 W JPT M7 from XT Laser
Using a very low setting though so about anything that can scan at 0.01 spacing would work.