Gold leaf/foil engraving

Has anyone here ever used gold leaf or foil with their laser prodjects? I’m looking to try this and would like some tips on power settings ect. Are ther any good sources of images for this type of prodject? Help and sujestions please.

Problem with most metals is they reflect most of the energy of the laser. If only a few percent of the power of the laser makes it to the material, it probably won’t do much damage. Aluminum has something like a 99.6% reflective molecule.

The other problem with metals is that they usually make good heat sinks. So with little heat reaching it and that heat being draw away from the ‘cut’ it makes it difficult.

Most of us don’t have gold stuff laying around that we mess with so hang in there and find out from someone with hands on that type of materials.

Good luck…


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You need a different tube for cutting / engraving metals as you need a different frequency of light, or a fibre laser.

you can engrave and then apply the leaf after which I have done with good resilts. The other way I have done is to fret a pattern and lay it over a gilt panel.

Many thanks for your replies. Looks like I need to wait for others to try this and post their results. Must say those products you have done look amasing. YouTube has some videos of laser cuting foil with just a cheap laser maching, but no mention of settings. I think it’s a case of experimenting.

I hate to break the news to you, but with a laser you can have the settings, but that for ‘their’ laser. You will normally have to learn how your laser cuts different materials.

So get used to experimentation.

We can all learn from your experiences with your laser and these specific materials.

So, please post how it works out for you…

Good luck, take care…