Gold Plated Starting Recommendations JPT MOPA 50

I have never Fiber Lasered on a piece of Gold Plated Jewelry. I do not have anything I can run test patterns on. Any “Setting” suggestions on a JPT MOPA 50; 112 Lens?

Customer wants the markings to be filled/black.

I’d try to find something similar to test on…

Laser Everything has lots of good stuff, such as videos that on marking black on gold jewelry… They also have a pretty extensive library of settings… I think Alexs’ laser is a 30W model, so you’ll have to adjust for lens/power.

Hope this helps… I can’t afford stainless, let alone gold … :man_shrugging:

Good luck… I’ll be looking for your finished product.


Thanks. I’m being told that if you fiber laser gold plated that it has a tendency to flake. So I used cermark on the C02.

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