Golden Laser 150 W

I’ve used Lightburn long ago for some other projects (making graphene, oddly enough). I just aquired my first industrial laser and so I wanted to consider using it rather than the vendor software.

Its a chinese laser (yes, I know). It seems to be using Lasersoft software to generate a .las file, which is supposedly machine format.

The controller is not one listed at the laserboys golden site. Any one know anything about a *.las file format; what are my chances at using different software such as Lightburn, or less likely if newer versions of Lasersoft can be used with existing machine/dongle/…

Thanks for the help!

It uses the same controller as a K40, so all the same restrictions apply - no power control being the main one.

The controller was designed for the stamp industry, and it does a good job with engraving, but not much else.

it’s not compatible with lightburn

Laser Soft/Moshidraw is an early Corel pirate app. There hasn’t been any movement on it in ages.

Depending on the value of the machine, it may be worth upgrading the controller.

This doesn’t seem likely, in that I do have the ability to specify power as % and speed in mm/sec?
I can read the servos etc, but I can’t get to the controller without taking the pedestal apart.

Without knowing what you’ve bought, you are unlikely to get any response to your question.

If you don’t know what you have, having bought it and with the machine in front of you, how do you expect us to?

Nothing you’ve mentioned turns up on searches. You say your machine is using ‘lasersoft’, but there’s little information about a laser control app called ‘lasersoft’

There is one called ‘laser soft’ which is the one I referred to.

Better information from you will result in better responses

Good luck

According to the manufacturer, (Golden Laser) they manufacture their own controller, and it has gone through a couple of generations of development.

The software (Lasersoft) takes DXF and a few other formats and generates .las files;
Does anyone know anything of this .las format?

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