Golden Laser CJG-160300LD

We are considering a purchase of this laser, but can’t figure out what controller it has. Has anyone purchased any similar machine and know if LightBurn will support it?

When looking at their website, the best they offer is “Motion System - Offline Servo motion control system, 5 inches LCD display”, which is not offering specifics and the bottom of that page also states, “Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for latest specifications.”

I am sorry, but without knowing the controller included with this system, we can not answer you definitively. You will need to get that information directly from the supplier, then we can offer more feedback. If you already have the machine or access too accurate images of the control panel, share a picture and we might be able to identify what is driving this system. You could also try LightBurn using our 30-day free trial and test with your system directly.

I did notice that the system you are talking about provides auto-feed capabilities for advancing material through the cutter. This is not a supported feature in LightBurn at this time, so you should be aware of that as well.

Hopefully, someone else here might have experience with this system. But we will need a bit more information to offer an answer you can trust.

Thank you. We have been also been unable to determine for sure what controller they are using, but will continue to ask. We currently have LightBurn, to use on our Ruida laser and were hoping we would be able to continue to use it for our upgrade. Perhaps not. The lack of support for material advancement, and also no support for ‘points’, which are used for marking of the fabric, are definite drawbacks.

Tony Hunter

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