Good news! You now have (at least) 3 seats!

We’ve decided to give everyone an early gift for the holidays this year: If you had the default 2 license key seats, you’ve now been bumped up to 3 seats automatically. This means you can activate an additional PC with LightBurn at no extra cost!

We recently started providing new keys with 3 seats from the get go and have now completed retroactively increasing the seat count for every license key to 3 as well . (except single-seat MakerSpace licenses)

You’ll no longer have to email us to increase the seat count from 2 > 3 for free - it’s already done!

If you need more than 3 seats, those can be purchased from the LightBurn store below depending on what your license key type is. If you’re unsure, go to ‘Help > License Management’ in LightBurn and you’ll find that information in this line:


To add seats beyond the now-default 3, find the appropriate addition here:

As always, if you have any issues or questions, feel free to send us an email at