Good use of a bad tube

I had this laying around gas nipple was broken in shipping and didn’t want to trash it. So removed both end mirror’s and fished some led lights through it. Now just to hang it up.


…that is a good idea! I also have an old laser tube that I can not bother to throw out - it will turn into a lamp!

I thought old CO2 laser tubes could be regenerated by evacuating and then replenishing the gases. No?

I usually just make bongs from old tubes.

Not DC glass tubes, no.

Well, in theory, yes, but at a cost of pulling them apart, replacing components, refilling and resealing greater than buying a new off-the-shelf tube.

A RF CO2 laser can be recharged - about US$800-$1500.

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If there were small valves for refilling new gas on all laser tubes (there are some!), 10000000 … Chinese would become unemployed and the western glass recycling industry would go bankrupt and a K40 would only cost $ 100.