Google sketchup import to lightburn scaling issue

I was using Autocad with no issue. Now I had to change to sketchup. When I import the size is not the same. I export in Sketchup to a dxf file set to mm. When I import to lightburn the size is not right. A 6mm line for example is now 6.766. I checked my lightburn settings for import they are set to mm and the auto close is set to 0.000. Any thoughts about how to fix this. I scaled it down and got to it work but that takes up time. Thanks for the help.

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Can you create a simple square, say 100mm x 100mm, and post the DXF here?

Wont let me upload DXF.
100mm became 111.013

You can send to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com for review.

Issue fixed. It was Google Sketchup. I could export a 3d model without any change in size. A 2D model not.


Go Google Sketchup, to Camera, click on parallel projection.


My favorite bugs are the ones that aren’t mine. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the fix too - hopefully will help others having the same trouble.


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