GoPro use for lightburn

Anyone attempted to use a GoPro for the camera? I can Bluetooth it, not need cords etc. wide angle, and I just have a few laying around.
Wanted to see if it has been attempted before.

As far as I am aware this has never been attempted.
It would be a difficult thing to achieve as you would need your operating system to have drivers and see it as a camera device. I believe that GoPro cameras are usually connected to computers as mass storage.

You would get frustrated at:

  1. Taking it out to recharge the camera over n over.
  2. Every time you remove the gopro, you would have to align the camera up.

For the money… just buy it, mount it and snake the cord to your pc/laptop.

Haha. Hell no. Hard mounting the GoPro with its own power line. Connecting to it with Bluetooth or the usb. Never to be moved again. Just seeing if I can use what I have before I go to the lightburn camera.

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There is a line I believe applies here: “what you spend now you will save many times over in anxiety medication later.”

Enjoy your quest :slight_smile:


I don’t believe the GoPro can be used in “webcam” mode (I’ve tried, as have a couple others). A moebius action cam will do this, as will this one: though both are about 1/2 the res of the LightBurn camera.

That camera uses a Sony 12MP IMX078 sensor, vs your OV5648 5MP sensor.

Significantly higher resolution.

I don’t have a PC anywhere near my laser, so a networked solution would be great. I was going to use an IP camera, but some other solution may present itself using R’Pi or some such.

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Rephrase: both of those default to 1920x1080, and in the Windows version of LightBurn that default cannot be changed, whereas the LightBurn camera defaults to it’s highest resolution.