Got Hosed by Licenser

I went to apply my second valid license key to my laptop. Pasted the key into the proper field. It thanked me for doing that then poof it said it failed. Now when I try to do it again, it says I reached my limit. What’s up with that???

Not really sure, but you can check for yourself as a starter. :wink:

You can visit the License Management Portal and deactivate the seats currently allocated, then you can activate your seat(s) on the computers of your choosing. If you experience any issue, please email support at lightburnsoftware dot com, and we will help sort there.

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Nope… I tried that I Don’t work

Can you elaborate on this? What did you do and what did not work?

You tried visiting the Licence Management Portal, or you tried emailing support at lightburnsoftware dot com?

I’d be very surprised if the latter didn’t work…

This is crazy… I went to the portal and deleted that license and was able to actually re-license on the laptop. But as soon as I shut down lightburn on the laptop and relaunch it again, it asks for license key again and, of course, it tells me the limit has been reached… This is BS

I did it again… It seems to be “sticking” now… All is good… I think

Sorry to see you are having issues, but is this really needed? :man_shrugging:

We are here to help, shared with you how we, and thousands of other users use the Management Portal to set and adjust their seat allocation every day with success. I also shared you could direct this issue to our email support channel.

You offer back, a simple “Nope… I tried that I Don’t work”. That response is not helpful beyond telling us you are still having an issue, but not what you actually tried, or what the exact steps you took providing this result. We are trying to help you troubleshoot here so the details matter.

“It’s” not crazy nor BS. The portal works, and it works thousands of times, each day. We would definitely hear about it otherwise.

If you have any further issue with seat allocation, please email us at the address I provided above.

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