Got my camera working here's the paticulars

i have a red and black ebay 60w clone. 500x700.
got a 90 angle camera off lightburn and used the camera mount.lbrn file on this forum.
couldnt get it to calibrate untill i updated to version 9.02.
and figured out there was a protective film over the camera lens, tweaked the focus, and covered the black bed with white paper.
but now i can drop a pencil on the bed update the overlay, and burn my name on the pencil, fantastic!
i will have to do what russ suggests and change the bed to a piece of sheet metal, maybe mask and paint the inside white so the camera doent have too much whitting out, but thks to all the members here that helped.


Glad you got things sorted. So let’s see one of these pencils :slight_smile:

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where did you mount the camera… can you post a photo… not sure where i should be mounting.

Tried this angle doesn’t seem to be high enough up…

Mounted to the air slots in the bend of the lid, i have the lid fully open when using the camera.

Great stuff Dan! I might add a camera to my laser in the future as everybody seems to say it’s a useful option. BTW. what font are you using to laser on the pencil? I turn wooden pens and would love to engrave on them. I am currently playing with CAMBAM stick fonts.



It was the default ariel

Here’s a example
Threw down a piece of scrap cedar, burning amazing grace on it, wasnt square or anything

Ok, thanks Dan.