Graphics dont match to fixed template layer in machine where previously there was no problem?

the template in the machine has not moved it is fastened in position i used to be able to change the logos and center them inside the inner circle and it would line up perfectly to the objects placed in the circle within the machine. The circles are just guides to the template in the machine. So now it seems that the entire template circle layer is off by approximately 20mm so the now the graphics have to be off center for them to line up with the affixed hard template in machine. Dont know how shift occured or how to fix any ideas? here are the settings I have is anything obviously wrong? maybe step length? confused?

Screenshot 2022-05-26 112311

It’s not in Calibrate Axis unless the images start off fine and wander off (or vice versa)

is this one LightBurn file or two?
This project (and the template) is in the Omtech?

Your device under the Devices is “new”.
I’ll need to know more in order to proceed.

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